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The UI/UX Experience and Why it Matters

UI/UX Experience

In a faced-paced, digital world where surfing the web acts as the omnipresent source of information, UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) are terms that are often used interchangeably but actually have very different meanings. With that, let’s decode the techno buzzwords and dive into why they’re crucial when creating a digital masterpiece.

What is UX?

First, UX development is the process of designing a product that improves the overall experience when users interact with the website or application. But UX goes beyond functionality and usability. User experience also takes into account the user’s wants and needs to provide a product that maximizes customer satisfaction. From beginning to end, the goal of UX is to enhance the effectiveness of navigation throughout the user’s journey. The better the experience the user has, the better the chances of them responding to a Call to Action (CTA).

What is UI?

UI development primarily focuses on the aesthetics of the product. Because no matter the ease of navigating a website or application, when it lacks good looks, users take notice — and not in a “this is impressive” kind of way. The amalgamation of animations, buttons, color schemes, and detailed imagination creates a digital environment that delights or disappoints users during their time surfing your website or application. 

Why are they important, you ask?

In this tech-savvy world, internet gratification lies in quickness and efficiency. People know what they want and they want it five minutes ago. Designing a website that keeps potential customers from jumping to a competitor site starts with making a first impression worth remembering — after all, you can’t make a first impression twice, so you have to make it count. 

The most successful websites are able to grab the attention of users and hold their hands until they’ve reached their destination. Even if the digital nomad, the late-night online shopper, or the impulsive traveler is simply browsing, the UX and UI developers must stop them in their tracks and “wow” them with what you have to offer. With first-rate UX and UI configuration, your business can reach the ultimate goal of increasing sales and overall business growth.

Now that you’ve learned the UX and UI basics, the next step in the process is development. Should you need help building a website or application, reach out to us. The creation of UX and UI is one of our many specialties. We look forward to hearing from you!




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