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Does Your Marketing Provide a Return on Investment? Our Fractional CMO Process Can Help.

Managing a business takes a lot of time and energy – and sometimes you just don’t have the bandwidth to put together a cohesive marketing strategy that gets people to your front door.

As a Fractional CMO, Scott will come in and work with your team to overlay  LMS360°, which helps you use the tools you have on hand; your website, a CRM, marketing automation tools, social media platforms, an email service provider, and more.

We evaluate, optimize and create your own marketing ecosystem that gets your organization into a rhythm of planning, calendaring, creating, writing and posting content that is engaging and relevant to your clients and prospects.

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Our Packages

Ongoing Advisor

Fractional CMO Advisor

Starting at $3,000 per Month

After a half day consult or a 90 day sprint at the Engaged level, I can advise your team and keep your marketing department on track:

  • Sprint planning calls led twice monthly
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Grow long term with the least financial risk
  • Access to our marketing campaign standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • 6-month minimum commitment

This service is a good fit for you if:

  • From startup to established company
  • You have a strong marketing team in place and you’ve worked with a Fractional CMO to create a strategy
  • You need a marketing leader to keep the team on track and adjust priorities as campaigns launch

Fractional CMO Engaged Package

Starting at $7,500 per Month

About 10 hours per week inside your organization to accomplish the following:

  • Translate the CEO & the Board’s vision into marketing campaigns and objectives
  • Define the key talent the business needs to reach its goals
  • Assist HR in finding, interviewing, and managing qualified talent to implement marketing strategy
  • Report weekly to the CEO and Board on all KPIs mutually defined as important
  • Continually innovate ways to reach marketing and sales goals despite roadblocks

This service is a good fit for you if:

  • Your business’s revenue is at least $1 million annually
  • You don’t need a full time hire, but you do need someone to create the strategy and ensure its execution
Half Day Consult

Half-Day Consultative Strategy Session

Starting at $5,000

In this half day session, we will dive deep into your marketing strategy and provide clear direction on what needs to be improved to reach your goals. Includes:

  • 4-hour Strategy Session for your team using the Functional Marketing® Framework to focus your marketing strategy. Custom, bespoke based on your company’s needs.
  • 7-day Preparatory Period via email correspondence
  • Delivery includes immediate marketing punch list, list of blindspots, and marketing campaigns for next 1-6 months

This service is a good fit for you if:

  • Your revenue is at least $1 million annually
  • You have a strong marketing team in place, but you need a fresh and accurate strategy
  • You’d like to see how the Functional Marketing® Framework works before hiring a Fractional CMO




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