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Your website is the center of the digital marketing universe, and as such is the chief communications piece for your organization.

If Johnny Lunchbucket lands on your homepage, but has no idea where to go, you have already lost the internet game. If Johnny can’t navigate to where he needs to go in 3 clicks or less, he’s off to the next site and the sale goes to your competitor. You get the point – don’t make this hard for your clients or leads – design your site with them in mind. How would you introduce someone to your organization for the first time?

Make your content, visuals and navigation clear and concise. Just as the navigation of the site is important and overall look and feel, the actual landing pages must engage your client/lead to the point of action. What do you want the person on your site to do? Fill out a survey? Register for an Event? Buy a widget? Your call to action better be easy to understand and easier to act upon.

You can do all the Marketing in world and add every tool possible – if it does not make sense to the prospect once they are on the site, they will not engage. Lots of visits with little engagement is not going to help you achieve your goals – so make sure that WHEN they get there, they have every reason to stay!

Lighthouse can help do all these things with your current site – or we can build you a new one!

We have had the privilege of developing and hosting these websites for our clients:




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