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Why Print? Print is Your Ticket to More.

More information, more ideas, more motivation, more action.

Printing is truly at the intersection of craft and technology, allowing you to create pieces that a decade ago would have been out of budget or seemingly impossible. It’s never been easier or more cost-effective to look good or communicate your message. With a little creativity and vision, paper can be extremely palpable. A well-designed, visually stimulating and carefully articulated piece can perform wonders by simply showing up at the right time. 

The Eternal Nature of Print.

The oldest known archaeological fragments of the precursor to modern paper date back to China in the 2nd century BC. For over two millennia, mankind has utilized this portable technology to communicate valuable life-changing ideas and concepts. In the days of antiquity, life was difficult, so only the most critical pieces of information were chronicled on paper. From woodblock printing, to the development the printing press, to the use of variable data, print became far more sophisticated. 

Print by nature is timeless and focused; print is the credible medium. The feel of paper, whether it be onionskin or 23 point board, uncoated vs. coated, your valuable information on paper tells the viewer it was important enough to make that kind of effort. As we move into a digital world where information is consumed on tablets and iPads, the value of paper only becomes more apparent, and with paper, you simply cannot swipe it away. 70% of Americans say mail is more personal than the internet, and 40% of consumers try new businesses after receiving direct mail. The numbers add up all across the board.

On the Record

Electronic content comes and goes, and all of your hopes and dreams disappear when the pixels go dark. Print is in there for the long run. It wants to be seen and is willing to stick around until you are ready. Unlike those email blasts that’ll be deleted as quick as a keystroke, printed materials are all about commitment. Print wants to be there for you. Print keeps it real (and green) as it originates from trees, and not some sort of weird dark matter. Print is also recyclable – an old iPad is not – unless you use it as a trivet.

Moveable Type

If it’s on the page it’s on the stage. Print is portable and playful. It wants to be picked up. There are no compatibility issues. There’s no need for a Nook or Kindle. And it’s tangible, you can fold print, stuff it, clip it, even scratch-and-sniff it. Print can be carried and consumed anywhere, at anytime. There’s no need to boot it up or power it down, which ironically makes printed materials more instantaneous. Print is always there ready to instruct, inform and entertain.

You'll Believe Your Eyes

Photos seem to jump off the page. Special effects draw the eye to the printed content, and a new generation of papers make readers want to touch and feel your message. There’s something intimate about real mail as opposed to e-mail. The beauty of print establishes deeper meaning to your product or service with an extra tangible dimension that no electronic media can impart. A finely-printed promotion has the ability to visually dazzle with the weight of physical reality behind it.

Print Has the Feels

Print wants to be picked up. Print is friendly, warm and inviting when held in your hands. Anyone can pick up a magazine at a newsstand, buy a book on the fly or grab a brochure from a trade show exhibit. Print doesn’t need to be charged up – it’s always 100% ready, and doesn’t need upgrades. The finish of a printed piece conveys sophistication – silk, UV, dull, gloss, vellum, linen, smooth, matte – all bring a different flavor to the piece being read.

Print is Spot-On

Anything delivered electronically has a May-fly life span. Remember when your email account wasn’t choked with spam? When your Facebook wall wasn’t crammed with tacky buzz-driven feeds? Print makes an impact. It makes perfect sense, as a postcard only has to compete with a handful of today’s mail, and a door hanger has no competition. Anything on the web has to cut through the 200 Terabytes (TB) of data index by Google which is just 0.004 percent of the total Internet content. Aren’t you already bored and confused? Well-designed printed materials don’t need a search engine and don’t care about page rank – their pages are right in front of you.

Get Paper View

We’re used to being surrounded by print. We’re comfortable with it. It goes together with our natural environment like peanut butter and chocolate. How many of us save ticket stubs, event programs or personalized greetings? How about business cards that mean business? Want to show someone your website? Give them a business card. On those two-sides of seven and a half square inches of information appetizers, you can present more about who you are and what you do to as many people as you want without the need of any sort of techno blah-ble optimization. Here’s my card. Boom. Done. Oh, you want one, too? How about you? There’s plenty to go around.

Cards, Brochures, Signs, Postcards, Calendars, You Name It.

And Finally... Automated Marketing Assistants

Did you know that print can help get more people to your website to drive more leads, convert leads to sales and do that all on autopilot? The integration print and Marketing Automation can be extremely effective. Marketing Automation is a suite of tools that pairs your website with a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager, which we can provide if needed), email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring and grading, social posting, and ROI reporting. This helps marketing and sales teams work together to generate and qualify sales leads, and shorten sales cycles.




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