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EDDM: Every Door Direct Mail. It’s easy!

It’s not a gimmick, it’s not some new form of Electronic Dance Music, it’s your mail, delivered to the right people.

STEP 1: Your Business Has Something to Say to its Future Customer Base.

Whether it be a promotion or an event, you want to get the word out to the right people. And in the case, you’ll want to do more than just a social media blurb.

STEP 2: Let us design your postcard.

A beautifully designed direct message that doesn’t get lost in the pile.


STEP 3: Choose the postal routes where your mail will be delivered.

You can view demographic data based on census reports such as age range and average household size and income.

USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) is an affordable targeted advertising technique that lets you map your marketing mail audience by age, income, or household size. You can use the EDDM mapping tool to choose the ZIP Code™ and carrier route that will target your best possible customers—current and future.* The EDDM® mapping tool is easy to use and discounts are available even for small businesses.

* Data, including age range and average household income and size, is based on prior report of the U.S. Census Bureau.

STEP 4: Message Recieved

The post office delivers them to every address along the routes you selected, reaching potential customers simply and cost-effectively.

STEP 5: Your customers take action.

With dynamic design, a specific message catered to your demographic and a direct call-to-action, you’ll notice real results.

If you give your new customers a clear direction with a direct call to action, you’ll see results. Whether it be a promotion or an event notification, you’ll want to provide a path for them to follow. The destination is your place of business. It’s important that your mail is concise and stirs an emotional response in your future customers. If they don’t feel anything, they won’t do anything.

It’s time to EDDM

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