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Organizations typically define success by sales revenue, which is reflection of the performance of the Sales team, yet Marketing is usually responsible for the first touch a prospect has with a company.

Website, sales collateral, digital workflow – these are driven by the Marketing team. So–are your Sales & Marketing teams on the same page? Lighthouse can assist you with an alignment check-up, which we call Lighthouse 360º, to see if your teams are working optimally. If not, we can help get you back in the game!

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Do your marketing and sales teams work efficiently together?

Marketing Research & Strategy

Any marketing and sales effort requires a plan by which to execute for success. Lighthouse can help you get that down on paper – or at least a Google Doc.

Story & Messaging

The Purpose of your organization should define your Mission, Vision, Promise, and Values. This drives your Brand Essence, your Voice and Visuals, and ultimately the Story you tell.

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