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Welcome to Lighthouse
Welcome to Lighthouse

We are here to be an extension of your marketing team -
including graphic design, web development,
marketing automation, SEO, printing, and
promotional products.

Creative Services
Creative Services

We can help from Content to Graphic Design
to visually tell your story!

Web Services
Web Services

We can design & develop your site,
and provide SEO & Hosting.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Create actionable business intelligence
with Lighthouse Marketing Automation
powered by ActiveCampaign

Print Services
Print Services

Digital, Offset, Large Format, Direct Mail, EDDM.
We provide printing services that WILL
steward your budget!

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Who We Are

Lighthouse Marketing Services is a Full-Stack Marketing Agency –

committed to the idea that the story of your brand, and the content and visuals through which you tell your story, dictates the success or failure of your Sales & Marketing efforts.

The Lighthouse Marketing team can help you re-think your story and how you tell it. Through strategy, creative design, web development, tactical execution and analytics, Lighthouse will partner with you to create a 360° view and plan to get your products and services to market.

What We Do

Marketing Services

Do your marketing and sales teams work efficiently together?

Creative Services

Are your branded voice and visuals consistent with your strategy?

Web Services

Is your website working for your organization 24/7/365?

Print Services

Are you using your budgeted print spend effectively? 

Why Us?

Because We Care About Your Success.

Our relationship with you is viewed through the lens of your organizational goals. It’s not enough to create a great marketing plan, an impactful logo, or an engaging website. We ONLY succeed when our relationship with you has resulted in selling more widgets, increasing membership, putting butts in seats, or whatever your metric for success might be.

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It’s fun to plan a party. After making invitations, decorating, and getting everything buttoned-up, you have the pleasure of watching all of your guests shuffle into your shindig. Your hard work paid off! But as you watch guests arrive, you notice there aren’t as many attending as you expected. You realize that those who just

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Brand Loyalty

3 Reasons Why a Logo Creates a Lasting Impression

In ten seconds or less, can you name most, if not all, of the logos below? If we had to guess, we’re about 99.9% ten seconds was more time than you needed. For decades, the aforementioned logos have grown in popularity to the point where they don’t need to attach their company name. And it’s

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How to Communicate

How to Communicate With Your Audience When Social Media Goes Down

On October 4th, 2021, two of the most prominent social media platforms in Facebook and Instagram temporarily shut down. And if you listened close enough, you could hear the collective sighs, scoffs, and awes heard from around the globe. It was all anyone could talk about. You probably read about it in a post on

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The Company(ies) We Keep...

You can't build a reputation on what you are GOING to do.
Henry Ford
Industrial & Auto Pioneer
A brand is a person's perception. Of course, it makes marketers nervous to think that marketing is out of their control, but that's why the discipline of branding has emerged.
Marty Neumeier
Brand Guru
Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.
Jeffrey Gitomer
Sales Strategist

Check Out Our Free On-Page SEO Audit For Your Website.

Are people finding your website efficiently? Broken links, keywords and content all play a factor in how search engines find and catalog your website. Click on the button “Run the free On-page SEO Audit now,” add your domain and the email you’d like us to send the report. Your Site Audit report will be sent directly to you – and if you would like us to help understand what it all means, we’d be happy to help!

Learn More About How Lighthouse Can Help You!

Contact us today–we’d love to jump on a phone call, web meeting, or just have coffee and find out about what you are trying to accomplish!




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