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Bringing Back Your Website Visitors

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It’s fun to plan a party. After making invitations, decorating, and getting everything buttoned-up, you have the pleasure of watching all of your guests shuffle into your shindig. Your hard work paid off!

But as you watch guests arrive, you notice there aren’t as many attending as you expected. You realize that those who just arrived are leaving sooner than you’d like and going to what they consider to be an even better party. One by one they walk out, some never to return.

Hopefully, you’ve never experienced the pain of a failed party. If so, our heart goes out to you. 

Think of your website as the party. After spending time and effort framing, building, designing, and writing, you’ve got a beautiful website waiting to be discovered. Unfortunately, your website isn’t seeing the traffic you’d hoped for. Gradually, fewer and fewer visitors are arriving to your website.


…there is a solution…


Get back to the basics!

Whether you’re new to the marketing game or a seasoned vet, the ultimate goal is to attract web visitors by developing a successful inbound marketing campaign. With that, here are some tips on how to entice internet users to come to your website.

Create Content Using Targeted Keywords

Keywords are the street lights that lead internet searchers to your home, erm, website. They help direct curious people looking for a specific product or service to a place they can find answers — that is, as long as the content has the necessary terms that trigger their searches. 

To integrate those keywords into your content, you need to understand your audience and their subsequent issues or interests. Keywords focused on the questions internet users are asking. Regardless of whether you’re creating web copy or blog posts, hone in on the terms they’re typing into that magical search bar and use them to your advantage. People want answers. Show them that you have them.

Write Blogs on Topics People Need Information About

Your website’s blog can be a centerpiece that inspires interest and action. It’s a prime place to use as an information hub that brings in new visitors – especially when you’re posting regularly (which is absolutely necessary). What are some of the frequently asked questions of your website visitors? What problems do they face? What solutions are they looking for? These are the topics for your blog posts.

When you create blog content relevant to your audience’s goals, your website can (and should if done correctly) appear higher in the Google results. This not only helps keep your website stay front and center the next time that visitor is seeking your help, but it also aids in building trust with your potential client base. If you know what you’re talking about and you have the right answers, your website becomes a legitimate hub for relevant pertinent information.

Social Media Is Your Friend

We live in a social media-centric society. People post, read, share, comment, like, and watch all types of content daily. They also use social platforms to ask questions. Social media users are consistently looking to their friends, followers, and group members for advice. You’ve most likely seen questions like, “Does anyone know of a reliable electrician in the area?” or “What are some great restaurants in the area?” These questions are being asked. You should be answering them.

Take time to filter through social media posts and queries to get a feel for what people are in search of. Don’t be shy about interacting with this content. Even go as far as commenting and sharing relevant blog articles to help bring these users to your website. Doing this shows you’re knowledgeable in your field and you’re willing to go out of your way to provide assistance. 

Let’s Talk!

Bringing visitors to your website isn’t as difficult as you may think. It’s simply planning your content, decorating it with strategic keywords, and sharing blog content with your targeted audience. If you’re looking to plan a get-together for internet users, contact us! We know how to throw one heckuva marketing campaign party!



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