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Project Spotlight: KeHE & Valley Sheltered Workshop

KeHE and Valley Sheltered Workshop

Finding success as a business relies in part on the cultivation of new leadership. To KeHE, there’s no better place to begin shaping the next generation of leaders than within their organization. In the spirit of promoting the self-growth of KeHE’s employees, we helped design and produce a presentation box containing training materials that enabled each person to start taking the next step in their careers. 

But this project went beyond only Lighthouse Marketing Services and KeHE. The project was aided by another employee-valued organization in Valley Sheltered Workshop (VSW).

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KeHE is an employee-owned, wholesale natural food distributor with over 5,500 employees throughout its 16 distribution centers across North America. Their efforts are focused on delivering natural & organic, specialty, and fresh products to customers and suppliers nationwide. KeHE is driven to provide not only high-quality, organic foods, but to inspire employees to grow within the company and help drive their mission to innovate the food distribution industry. Learn more about them here.

Valley Sheltered Workshop

Since 1966, VSW, a nonprofit organization, has provided job opportunities for countless individuals with disabilities. These job placements give individuals a sense of purpose and the opportunity to give back to the community. Through customer contracts and the hard work of these individuals, local businesses and their operations are streamlined, which in turn, reduces procedural costs.
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Valley Sheltered Workshop
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Our role in the project was to create and produce the presentation box into which was placed the materials for KeHE’s  R.A.R.E. Leadership Program. R.A.R.E. stands for Remain Rational; Act Like Your Best Self; Return to Joy; Endure Hardship Well. This program was developed to ensure the voices of employees are heard while helping them overcome personal barriers to cultivate the leader within each participant. Given that many of their employees are working remotely, we assisted KeHE by creating a presentation box to be sent directly to them.

In each R.A.R.E box, employees were supplied with different tools for each stage of this program. Along with creating the box itself, the training materials employees were provided included the R.A.R.E work booklet (printed by Lighthouse Marketing Services), a set of four books on empowerment, stress balls, mini timer, and other training materials.

These materials are used together to teach employees how to develop leadership skills and put them into action both at work and outside of work. R.A.R.E. helps participants prosper as individuals – and that’s the aim of KeHE. The national food distributor makes it their goal to ensure employees are allowed to become confident in themselves that they can achieve any goal they set for themselves.

The role of VSW was as integral as any other. For the R.A.R.E leadership training program to take off the R.A.R.E boxes required assembly, prepping for mailing, and delivery. Through the tireless effort of the VSW employees, each and every R.A.R.E box was sent to KeHE safely and on time. 

We are honored to have had the chance to work with such amazing people along the way. This project is one that we couldn’t let get away as these two organizations share our values as well. Sometimes the stars align, and a partnership thrives in an indescribable way – this is one of those star alignments. 

These two companies set out with the belief that every person deserves the opportunity for personal growth. With our help in assembling the RARE Leadership box, they’ve been able to help employees blossom in their positions and take with them the skills of a leader wherever they go.

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