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Testimonials: A Lasting Impression

Customer testimonials

When it comes to engaging internet users on to your website, well-written blogs, eye-popping designs, easy navigation, and strong calls-to-action are key elements in the customer experience equation. However, there is one more critical factor that is often overlooked, and that is the presence of customer testimonials. While “word of mouth” marketing isn’t quite what it was in the days prior to the internet, the power of your customers’ voice and its effect on the success of your business is immeasurable. 

Fortunately, a positive customer experience can, and should, be used as a way to highlight your brand’s success. With that, let’s talk about the importance of using testimonials as part of your marketing strategy.

A trusting relationship

Never has the word of a customer held so much weight than it does today. It’s common practice for people—and maybe you’ve done this yourself—to read a business’s reviews prior to making a commitment to using their good or service. In the online arena, people trust people. The more testimonials you can present to potential customers, the more influence your brand carries in their decision-making process. A positive testimonial helps convince others that your brand is trustworthy.

Breakdown of goods and services
When an internet user lands on your website, it’s usually because they are looking for something that you sell or a service you provide. However, just because they’ve arrived, it doesn’t mean they can trust that what you have to offer will help them. A testimonial not only conveys what you do but also establishes your brand’s credibility. It lets potential customers know that othey can trust in your product offering—whether it be a hard good or a service.

Humanize your brand with emotional connection

It’s human nature for people to seek out others with whom they share an affinity. Yes, “About Us” and “Meet the Team” pages are essential for connecting with website visitors, but a testimonial allows them to relate to customers who’ve experienced all your company has to offer. A testimonial with a combination of names, images, videos, quotes can be a deciding factor when it comes to converting interest into business. A person is more inclined to relate to a brand that is more than just a logo and a name. Remember, there’s no such thing as a second first impression. 

With a seemingly infinite online space, capturing the attention of potential customers is nothing short of difficult. But with captivating content in the form of testimonials, your brand can stand out amongst your competitors. When you’re ready to integrate the power of testimonials into your marketing strategy, reach out to us. The human connection is a beautiful thing. 


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