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Solutions to Increase Productivity and Commerce During Covid

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COVID and the subsequent economic downturn has created a lot of issues for everyone; how you do business, where you work, how you communicate, how you market and sell, and how you cope!

Working remotely has its own challenges; for some, it can be depressing and unproductive. Zoom calls (or Teams, or Hangouts – whatever flavor you use) can be EXHAUSTING. Days run into weeks and sometimes you have to check the web to remember what day it is!

If you run a business, you can bet that your employees (and clients) are dealing with these issues. If you have your team under one roof, that’s awesome – but it doesn’t change the fact that HOW you do business has changed for awhile.

Did you pull back your marketing efforts when everything hit the fan in March? You are not alone – it’s almost a visceral response for organizations to reign in their marketing spend when the economy slows. But really – that’s the BEST time to be marketing! Imagine you are at a function that a lot of people are at – potential clients and competitors. It’s hard to hear because there is so much talking. But what happens if a lot of the competition decided that they needed to conserve their dollars and not attend the function? Well – it would be a lot quieter and easier to talk to people! That is what is happening now!

It’s time to get moving – the economy isn’t going to wait until magic money shows up – you need to create your own opportunities! Employees need to become productive, customers need to feel safe, and you need to ramp up the sales cycle. 

Lighthouse can help with a lot of the blocking and tackling to help get your organization cooking again. 

Click on our flipbook below for some of ideas our team put together to help light the fire again. Let us know if we can help!





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