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An Interview with Scott Salvati

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In life, the feeling of personal success is one of the things that keeps us moving forward.

When that feeling of success is because of your efforts to help someone else become successful, you win. It’s what we can look back on with pride and fulfillment when we reach the later years in life. Living by a mantra that centers around friendly and earnest communication rather than strictly dollar signs is what makes Scott Salvati, founder, and president of Lighthouse Marketing Services, smile at the end of each day.

In an October interview with Print Services and Distribution Association (PSDA), Scott talked at length about his background — seven years in professional sports marketing and a few stops along the way before starting Lighthouse in 2000. He also covered the challenges Lighthouse has overcome: the mini-recession of 2000, the Great Recession of 2008, and of course, a global pandemic — all of which he has the “battle scars to show for it.” The topic of PSDA and the lifelong network of friends and peers he has been able to collaborate with and lean on was covered as well. 

But it was one project in particular that exemplified what all the hard work strategizing, custom designing, printing, writing, and a myriad of other services means to Scott. It was a venture that he can say made a real difference: the Tabaru Project.

the Tabaru ProjectIn 2005, Scott was approached with an unusual request. Scott was asked by missionaries from his church to help design a cover of the New Testament (from the Bible) for the Tabaru people of Indonesia. In the thousands of years of their history, the Tabaru people only communicated verbally – they did not have a written language. The missionaries were creating that for them by using the New Testament as the medium. It was Scott’s job to create a cover that spoke meaningfully to the Tabaru and would immediately recognize the connection to them as a people group.

While it was not what was described as a “big moneymaker,” it was a purposeful project that Scott will remember forever. 

“It was about making an impact,” he says in his interview with PSDA. “Wherever I am at the end of my life, I can say, ‘Well, I know one project that really literally made a difference.’”

It’s with a mindset like Scott’s and a business model like that of Lighthouse Marketing Services that proves that small businesses can make the biggest impacts. 

We want to thank PSDA for the time they took to learn about Scott and Lighthouse Marketing Services. To read the entire article, check it out here. And if you need anything marketing related, well, keep diving into our website — you’re bound to find what you need.

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