Lighthouse Marketing Services tactically executes your marketing and organizational needs through the creative process, printing, direct response, web development, social media management and SEO.

How are you telling your story, who are you telling it to, and are they listening? Give us a shout – we’d love to help!

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Our job is to not only help you craft and produce your informational piece, but to make sure you are getting the message in front of your desired audience through the tools we can provide. From direct mail to marketing automation to SEO, we can assist you in developing a process by which you are creating qualified leads and ultimately converting those into sales. Lighthouse specializes in the art of visual communication, whether it be B2B or B2C, it’s our business to make your business an efficient communications machine. Be a part of the conversation, with graphic design that pops, all the print that’s fit to print, and sticky web sites that embed themselves into the hearts and minds of your clients. Oh, say you need a pile of good stuff with your brand on it, like pens, mugs or water bottles…. visit our Promotional Products page and start ordering! You’ll be amazed by our selection.