The Lighthouse Team

Scott Salvati

Scott is the President at Lighthouse, and his hands-on approach makes him the initial point of contact for all projects. However, Scott’s passion for sweater vests have gotten him into trouble in several states.
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Kim Salvati

Vice President
Kim is the one who brings sanity to an otherwise very crazy workplace. While Kim is the financial and operational expert at Lighthouse, she would rather be salsa dancing!
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Krystal Taormina

Project Manager
Krystal is the Project Manager at Lighthouse and knows where everything is at ALL times! She works directly with clients, sets deadlines, assigns responsibilities and monitors progress of projects.
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Bill Fetter

Marketing & Sales Consultant
Bill is a B2B Marketing and Sales professional that has a passion for developing customer journeys that combine compelling storytelling with sophisticated process.
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Alex Sanabria

Web Developer
Alex is our web developer with over 10 years of experience, always trying to use the latest technologies. A natural problem solver with a passion for technology.
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