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Does Your Marketing Help Your Sales Effort? LMS360° Can Help.

Today, some stats say that 57% of the sales process is OVER before a sales person gets involved because of the proliferation of self-education using the online resources. Customers don’t necessarily need sales to educate them anymore because they can do their own research. This means that today, sales is “invited” to sell to the customer, and it’s pretty late in the decision process by the time that happens.

So where does that take us? Marketing has tools to enable the self-directed research. So where does sales fit in? Marketing needs to help enable sales to get involved earlier. Some ways that this might happen is through social media outlets like LinkedIn where we are equipping sales to be 75% helpful / 25% selling– and at the right time. If Marketing can inform sales who is on the website, they can engage at a critical time; when a prospect is exhibiting buying signals.

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